M6ii, Not getting the End results I expected

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Re: M6ii, Not getting the End results I expected

R2D2 wrote:

PhotoPhart wrote:

Something just doesn't seem right with this picture. Out of focus, bad composition!
Can't all be operator error, can it, must be the camera??

I just not getting the End results I expected

Maybe I shouldn't use unpaid models?

HeHe, LOL! You wouldn’t believe the number of bird butts that end up on my SD card after a couple of hours of shooting!!!

Birds, even the most common varieties, are simply amazing creatures. They operate at a speed that’s just so much faster than we humans are capable of. Even perched and flitting birds are still quite a challenge to photograph. If we’re lucky, we can catch them at that precise moment when they pause for a split second (birds are also good at freezing motion, albeit very momentarily).

I try to maximize my success by shooting in good light whenever possible. The faster your shutter speeds, the higher your success rate. This relationship is inescapable. Very good AF performance is also a must (and fortunately one of the M6ii’s strengths). I shoot birds using Spot AF 100% of the time with the M Series (and DSLRs). I like to shoot in full Manual exposure mode, but folks have their own preferences. I do however highly recommend the 14 FPS burst mode (and a speedy UHS-II card). Those moments are so fleeting, so shoot a lot!

It looks like you are getting close enough with your particular lens. At least you don’t need one of the White behemoths! Enjoy your shooting, and post back with some of your keepers when you can.


Thx R2

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