E-M1 III Firmware Updated?

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deeno35 Junior Member • Posts: 33
Re: E-M1 III Firmware Updated?

Here's the fun part. My custom settings (c1 - c3 dials. I don't use c4) are there with AF modes, drive modes, exposure and af points set. My custom AF sizes and steps are there too. But they were unchecked in available af targets. AF home was reset too.

It was like this in several places - another example: my selection for which drive modes was still fine, but the shooting speed and buffer settings for procapture were back to defaults.

I didn't note all of the inconsistencies, there were enough to where I just went through them all to be sure.

Was it a big deal? Not terribly. But it did catch me out and was not terribly inspiring as a customer.

Edit: I do remember the part in the upgrade process where it said it was restoring the settings for me. Still doesn't rule out that I did something wrong though

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