Nikon and their binoculars.

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FrancoD wrote:

We don't have crows here ( I mean right where I am) but ravens. Most people call them crows but they are a different bird. I took this photo for a guy that wanted to see the eye of a raven :

With that eye it reminds me of what we call Dohle, another member of that Rabenvögel (literally: Raven birds) family. Yours might be what we call Tasmankrähe, Tasman crow (Corvus tasmanicus), what the English language version of Wikipedia calls Forest raven or Tasmanian raven

What I can see over here most the time is probably the Rabenkrähe (Raven crow), the first one when following the above nabu link.

Here are some little pictures of such a Rabenkrähe from 2012, technically nothing great, oh well. One was watching me, when I was feeding my cats with chicken wings, so I decided to also throw one of these wings in its direction to see how it might react.

Was interesting to see how that bird landed in maybe two meters distance and then came slowly walking towards the chicken wing. Next step was having a closer look at that food before touching it with its beak. What I liked best was to see how the bird jumped upwards/backwards, right after it touched that chicken wing for the very first time. Realizing that this food wouldn't fight back, the next step was picking it up and carrying it away:

Last not least, to the OP, C Sean: Sorry, but it was really not my intention to hijack your binoculars thread!

To poster Lensmate: Nobody denies crows/ravens being highly intelligent birds, maybe even the most intelligent ones! But just like pigeons they can be a real plague/pest in some German cities! Just google 'Krähenplage' (or 'Kraehenplage')!


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