17-70mm lens (Pentax or Tamron advice please)

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Re: Proof is in your pudding

Hythloday wrote:

Massao wrote:

DA 17-70mm hidden behind terrible image quality. In any case, you can always edit the colour profile but can't make a lens sharper in PP. Increasing (micro) contrast in PP is not the same as actual sharpness captured by lens.

A zoomlens is a compromise and will give its best result when you stop it down two stops.

For sure but some zoom lenses are better than others and Pentax DA 17-70mm is amongst the worst one in this case.

Your tests are too limited because you tested the lenses nearly wide open.

yet some lenses performed better.

For landscape photography I always use aperture 8, in which case the DOF is better.

Are you saying DA 17-70mm is not good for aperture below f/8? If so, we agree:-D

If you want to use aperture 4, you had better use a prime.

Again: and yet some zoom lenses perform better than others.

The Pentax plastic fantastics are an excellent choice in that case.

OP did not ask for advice on primes.

If you need wide apertures, Pentax may not be the right choice for you. You can find far better lenses for your needs, such as a Sigma 85mm/f1.4 or a Carl Zeiss Distagon lens.

Disagree. Many wide-aperture/fast Pentax lenses are fantastic.

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