Best NR software for High ISO on R5

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Re: 2004 DXO on old 10D ISO 800 photo

Karl_Guttag wrote:

I continue to be amazed by what a good job DXO does on both old and new photos. I did another comparison on an old 2004 10D photo shot at ISO800 and the results were amazing. It revealed detail that was buried in the noise. These are from the same RAW file and I tried to do similar things in PS and DXO. The PS looks like it was printed on a dot-matrix printer by comparison when viewed at 100%.

This is what I have been telling people about how good this is. It is amazing how it can resurrect older raw files. DXO says it works even better on the older cameras than the new.

I will say however, I always leave the Deep Prime right in the middle (default), anything more gets it too smooth and plasticky looking. The standard settings imparts just the perfect amount of very natural looking film grain. Which I love.

If you've been pushing the slider past half way, try backing off on it and check your results. Sometimes too much is not good.

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