IBIS for old age?

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Re: IBIS for old age?

Mr Bolton wrote:

Craig from Nevada wrote:

Mr Bolton wrote:

Craig from Nevada wrote:

It is another tool in the box. Yes, it helps in situations where hands might not be as steady as they once were, but it does more.

The X-H1 is not the best example of the capabilities of IBIS, although I have read that the X-T4 and S are streets ahead of that camera. I own the E-M1X and it produces very sharp images under low light conditions and longer focal lengths. It is a big advantage.

See my 1.3 second handheld example above.. I feel like that's a pretty good example of the X-H1's IBIS. It's fair to admit that I had to give it a couple of tries, but the fact that one of 'em worked out is pretty remarkable.

It's also fair to admit that X-H1's IBIS isn't as good as the E-M1X. But then again, neither is pretty much any other camera's IBIS.

FWIW--IBIS isn't a substitute for technique. It really lets you squeeze more out of it. Technique coupled with IBIS gets you the 1.3 second shot.

Very true. That's why it took me a couple of tries before I got a good one..

I own an X-H1 and it is a good camera, but I read that Fuji went back to the drawing board on IBIS for the X-T4 to make it more competitive. The smaller m43 sensor has some advantages and IBIS is one.

I also shoot Olympus so I'm familiar with their awesome stabe, even back in 2012 with the original E-M5. Marketing hype aside, Fuji went back to the drawing board to make their IBIS smaller and cheaper. Also of note, no other Fuji has the same exquisitely damped shutter as the X-H1. And I don't know how they did it, but the H1 does a much better job of stabilizing longer glass than my E-M5 did, though the M5 might be equal for shorter focal lengths. I still shoot the E-M5 sometimes.

The IBIS in the X and Mark iii is supposed to be substantially better than the E-M5.  Also there is the dual IS camera/lens that is unbelievable.  I have the 12-100 and it is simply amazing.  I have heard that it excellent on the 300mm F/4.

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