How to use new SSD and HDD drives most effectively

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Re: How to use new SSD and HDD drives most effectively

21tones wrote:

Thanks again for your further comments.

Now that it would seem that I have IMAP email that aspect of "clutter" can be dismissed.

Looking at my storage in the Settings tab of Windows 10 I can see that I have 50gb in my downloads folder. This would be 10% of the 500gb SSD before anything is even installed on it.

Don't be overly concerned about filling up your SSD. I have a laptop with only a 120G SSD, and Win10 plus MS-Office and a goodly collection of programs and utilities only takes up 70Gb.

You'll probably find that most of your 50Gb of downloads can be deleted or saved elsewhere, but 50Gb isn't going to trouble a 500Gb SSD.

It seems to reinforce the need to put downloads onto the D drive so as to leave as much space on C for programmes and photo database/cache.


I will need to contact ON1 to see how this will affect the downloads of extras that I get from them and how they are incorporated into the program which would be on the C drive

Andrew Skinner - yes I will use 3 non SSD portable drives for backing up photos to.

I'm glad you said to disconnect these other than when using them. I wasn't sure whether to leave them connected all the time.

I will think about the Quick Access technique, but as I am retired, I really only create a handful of documents each year e.g. using powerpoint plus a few word documents.

I really appreciate you all taking the time to advise me.

Some discussion already on QA (I won, by the way!!!). Seems to be irrelevant for your situation.

I want to get this as right as I can with this new disc setup.

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