X-E3 starts with Chinese menu

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Re: X-E3 starts with Chinese menu

a_c_skinner wrote:

A couple of hours with the battery out. The internal batteries are charged continuously from the main battery, it shouldn't be a question of how old. I could live with it losing settings, it is the restart at what I think is an odd point in the menus in pictograms, which is why I suspect it is more than the internal battery. I think the battery is integral to the main board.

It will be back to Fuji soon, but I remain intrigued. I foresee a trade in for an X-E4 assuming it is repaired properly.

Yes, a couple hours without the main battery should not cause the camera to lose its memory.  The life of a battery depends on various factors, including how long its been drained.  I haven't seen the internals of a X-E3 yet, but if its anything like a X-T3, it will have a coin cell battery soldered to the mainboard.  It could potentially be replaced without changing the mainboard outright, but it will require a skilled technician.  Sending it to Fuji is a good idea.  Good luck.

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