Epson P900 - New Print Quality Settings

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Re: Epson P900 - New Print Quality Settings (P700 too)

I agree that Epson ought to be a lot clearer about differences between Black Enhance Overcoat and Carbon Black. You said, however, that "there is the highest quality setting, number 5, 'max quality (carbon black)', and if you select this, the check box for 'black enhanced overcoat' is grayed out and cannot be selected," but that is not true. If you select the 5th Print Quality setting, Max Quality (Carbon Black), Black Enhance Overcoat is grayed out but selected, that is, you cannot deselect it, which is fine because the 4th setting, Max Quality, employs Black Enhance Overcoat but not Carbon Black.

So settings 4 and 5 are both Max Quality (5760 dpi) and both employ Black Enhance Overcoat, but setting 5 adds Carbon Black, whatever that is!

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