How to use new SSD and HDD drives most effectively

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Re: How to use new SSD and HDD drives most effectively

Thanks again for your further comments.

Now that it would seem that I have IMAP email that aspect of "clutter" can be dismissed.

Looking at my storage in the Settings tab of Windows 10 I can see that I have 50gb in my downloads folder. This would be 10% of the 500gb SSD before anything is even installed on it.

It seems to reinforce the need to put downloads onto the D drive so as to leave as much space on C for programmes and photo database/cache.

I will need to contact ON1 to see how this will affect the downloads of extras that I get from them and how they are incorporated into the program which would be on the C drive

Andrew Skinner - yes I will use 3 non SSD portable drives for backing up photos to.

I'm glad you said to disconnect these other than when using them. I wasn't sure whether to leave them connected all the time.

I will think about the Quick Access technique, but as I am retired, I really only create a handful of documents each year e.g. using powerpoint plus a few word documents.

I really appreciate you all taking the time to advise me.

I want to get this as right as I can with this new disc setup.

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