Is EN-EL15C compatible with D750.

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Re: Is EN-EL15C compatible with D750.

On a side note, I recently got a D780 with an EN-EL15b battery made in 2020 according to the serial number.  On the battery, it clearly states 1,900 mAH just like my other 5 EN-EL15 batteries (some back from 2010 and my D7000).

Some background...

This year, I purchased a 3rd party charger from ALIEXPRESS that measures the mAh charged into the battery during charging.  So, like many of us wondering how much capacity I still have in my batteries, I discharged the 5 older batteries that I have by running them dead via the cameras and proceeded to charge them back up to see how much they will take.  Each battery was taken down to the level where the camera would still show something on the LCD display but not enough power to actually power on and display more on the screen.  All of the batteries did fairly well and charged into 1,700 mAh range except for one battery which is rated 3 on the age scale which charged into the 1,600 mAh (all of the others rated 0 on the age scale).  To me, these numbers are reasonable as Lithium batteries shouldn't be discharged down to zero as that will damage the cells and the fact that the batteries still provided some power to the camera to display the exposure count but nothing else shows that there is still some power left in the battery.

So, with the new EN-EL15b battery, I pop'd it into my D780 thinking that there should be some power in the battery which is typical of most new in-the-box batteries but nothing was on the camera's display so no power was being provided by the battery.  I pop'd that battery into the 3rd party charger and nothing happened. Think that the battery is either DOA, just not enough power to even register with the 3rd party charger, or Nikon is forcing the owner's to charge the battery by disengaging the cells unless there's a charge applied to the battery first, I plugged it into the Nikon charger and charged it for 5 seconds - enough so that there's a bit of power in the cells.  Sure enough, when I plugged the EN-EL15b back into the 3rd party charger, the charger started to do its thing.  After a few hours, the battery was fully charged and the charger stated that it charged 2,189 mAH into the battery that is rated for 1,900 mAH while I was expecting a number closer to 1,900 mAH.

Long story short, the latest batch of EN-EL15b batteries might have cells that the same level of capacity as the newer EN-EL15c batteries.

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