HLG picture profiles on a7S II

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Re: HLG picture profiles on a7S II

Ivathoma wrote:

On a sidenote: which picture profile and color gamut is recommended for low light filming? For instance Aurora Borealis and Milky Way+

Any tips for a profile that requires minimal grading for daytime shooting would also be appreciated. I'm a complete beginner at video and feel kind of overwhelmed by all the options.

With the A7S Philip Bloom uses Cine 2 for nighttime and Cine 4 for daytime. For colour mode he recommends S-gamut (but cinema is quite good but with more saturation). For no grading he suggested gamma: cine 3 and colour mode: pro

You can watch the whole seminar here https://youtu.be/zeX-eZXaRtw

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