Not so bulky FTZ adapter?

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Re: Not so bulky FTZ adapter?

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

Ruekon wrote:

But those Nikon E type lenses are typically long teles -- where the tripod foot of the FTZ makes sense again

I presume this comment is tongue in cheek as

1/ All the heavy long teles have a tripod collar

2/ Nikon's safe weight limit for a lens attached to the FTZ is 1300 g - near 2 pounds 14 ounces.

Think of 300/4 PF or 70-300 FX AF-P. They have no tripod collar on their own.

On contrary, the small 50/1.8G or 85/1.8G might fit nicely with a slim adapter, but require mechanical aperture control.

Oh, I have one indeed: the 16-80/2.8-4 would for sure benefit on a Z50 from a smaller adapter -- but that's rather an exception.

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