IBIS for old age?

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Re: IBIS for old age?

jerryf128 wrote:

Hi all,

Currently, I have the X-T2 and the 2 xc lenses. I shoot mostly landscape, daylight , images, some low light. At 80 yrs. of age, I am unsteady, I don't use tripods, and just wondering if using the X-H1 under the conditions described, would be of any help. By shooting daylight shooting at higher shutter speeds, is there a benefit using IBIS or little to no gain?


The X-H1's IBIS is really awesome. At the time I bought it, the X-H1 had the best performing IBIS I ever used.  I can shoot one-handed and get great results; comes in really handy when you are shooting with one hand while holding an ice cream cone in the other.

As been commented, IBIS also helps steady the scene in the EVF prior to taking the shot which can also help with composition and focusing.

My issue with the X-H1 is that is a big/heavy camera.

For Fujifilm, I would consider the X-S1 or X-T4 over the X-H1 for lower weight.  I like the fact I was able to get an inexpensive acra-switch plate/finger grip from SmallRig for my X-T4.  That grip makes it even easier to get a good grip on the camera.

So like others have said, IBIS can definitely help. There really is no downside to IBIS these days.  I don't care about price: life is too short if IBIS can keep photography fun for a while longer.

My problem:  As you get older, eventually even APS-C gear in a camera bag will feel too heavy.  I can see going micro-four-thirds or give up and get a 1" sensor camera like the Sony RX10 or RX100 series. The last time I bought a RX100 camera (RV100 IV), I found its IBIS to not be good enough to damp out camera shake caused by unsteady hands; I'm guessing it is much better now. Certainly, the RX100 has an ideal weight and size.

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