Nikon and their binoculars.

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Re: Nikon and their binoculars.

FrancoD wrote:

Leica Eye wrote:

After many years of jumping between various manufacturers, I went for a set of Leica's.. Night & Day over all the others.. great investment.. Leica can service if required - Mine are now 40years old, still crystal clear..... L

No doubt about Leica bino quality ( I have had three of those and still have one ) but even Leica now has some of their binos made in the same Japanese factory that makes a LOT of the top brands, including many of the Nikon binoculars.

(a clue for some :JB133)

Here in Germany it's usually forestry officers/hunters owning the nicest binoculars and for most of them this still means Zeiss.

For decades, their favourite one used to be something 7x50. I still have my grandfather's 7x50 Zeiss, 90 years old now (but relatively heavy and optically not really comparable to anything modern).

I also have my father's Optolyth 8x56, from the mid seventies, a pretty good one.

An ex-boss, also a hunter, loved his little Zeiss 10x42; he used to call it 'the Ferrari of binoculars'. That was in the early eighties, when more and more hunters started also using something smaller and more light-weight, compared to the old classics.

The nicest one I could ever look through was a friend's stabilized Zeiss 20x60, that was just 'Wow'! He got it brand-new for about 3,500 DM; these days now they are about plus/minus €6,000.

No idea about Japanese ones; the only one I ever owned (for a week or two) was a Tasco 8x56, nothing to write home about and also rather heavy, compared to the Optolyth. But I could imagine modern Japanese ones are a lot better now and optically much closer now to something Zeiss/Leica, just less expensive.


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