Nikon and their binoculars.

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Re: Nikon and their binoculars.

Doug J wrote:

FrancoD wrote:

The best area around here is about 20 minutes away by car. It's a huge water treatment plant . We have the keys to it but can't visit right now , should re-open to us soon.

However a few hundred metres from our doorstep (estuary area) migratory birds come and go as well as having a good range of the local too.

This is the part of the water treatment plant we have access to, except for the bits at the top right :

about 8 km corner to corner.

The best part is around the first third on the left where the water is already clean.

Looks like a great place for birding. How did you manage to get keys to the facility?


You need to apply for it, pass a test, attend a safety talk and you get the key. It's all done to keep the numbers down and possible trouble makers away. Right now membership is closed. It's never crowded , 3 or 4 cars max at a time.

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