OLY MFT -> Fuji X-S10 - First Impressions

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Re: OLY MFT -> Fuji X-S10 - First Impressions

Hello Gary,

garydavidplummer wrote:

Lars --

I too am strongly considering moving to Fuji from Olympus. I use an E-M1 2 and an E-M5 2.

Please keep in mind that the E-M1 II is using a different image pipeline and that your mileage might vary significantly from mine,  as it has the 20MP sensor with PDAF. My experience would be comparable with a move from the E-M5 II.

I am one of the few people that are not happy with the Oly colour science, so moving away from Oly to Fuji promised improvement on that side - and it it for me. However, this might be different for you. Unfortunately, I find the the sample galleries here on DPR misleading regarding the Fuji colours (too much blue in these pictures), I find my own results much more pleasing and I hardly change anything regarding colour in PP.

I have been looking at the X-S10 and the X-T4 because I need IBIS.

How are you finding the X-s10's viewfinder? I'm a little concerned about that aspect of the camera because I use the viewfinder heavily and I also wear glasses.

I am also wearing glasses and are shooting in a tropical environment with very bright sunlight, which works very well.  I find the viewfinder adequate, its resolution and colour rendition is not fantastic - as all EVFs in this class are.  When I was trying to shoot BIF yesterday, it started to stutter making it difficult to follow the bird (did this only once).  However, it is very usable for me and I don't think of it as a negative when I use the camera.  Again, coming from a E-M1 II, your experience might be different.

You first impressions have been very helpful.


Hope that this is somewhat helpful, but I am trying to be open about what I know, and what I don't know, so not to mislead you.



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