Pentax K vs Contax - I cannot tell the difference

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Re: Pentax K vs Contax - I cannot tell the difference

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I'm always late for the party :-\. Most has been said already, but one thing hasn't come up in my opinion:

One quality that separates Zeiss lenses from others is consistency in color and especially contrast. Also Zeiss lenses are generally considered to have smooth bokeh and to be sharp above average.
There may well be better,sharper lenses from other makers out there or equally good ones as seems to be the case with the 1.4/50 or the 28mm lenses (as discussed before), but I doubt that there is as much consistency in the look of other lens makers whole product palette. If you're thinking about having lenses from one lens maker only, which is rather convenient, this is something that counts.
I'm not one of them, though, I always enjoy getting to know any new lens ;-).

Yes, totally. Minolta though seems to have have even more continuity across eras, as contax changed a lot prior to C/Y. Pentax seems though to also be somewhat consistent. All SMC of similar era share some kind of feeling.

Also, C/Y or Pentax K: you are talking about very good vintage 28mm. It’s hardly such an extreme case where the lens will ruin a majestic masterpiece. It’s almost impossible to tell which lens made why already even amount average lenses

The rendering character and consistency is one of the reasons that Contax lenses are prized by videographers.  One look at the ultra-long thread on them at the reduser forum would demonstrate the interest in them.  I learned to shoot with Pentax manual lenses, but came to the Zeiss c/y lenses only a few years ago.  They’re just wonderful to use and help to create some beautiful images.  While I’ve never used the Pentax 28, the Contax 28/2.8 is easily my favorite from their lineup.  It’s contrasty, has beautiful colors, and sharp as can be.  I can’t speak to how it would perform on extra high res sensors, but my own collection of 6 all do well on both my a7iii and a6400, the latter with higher pixel density.

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