Best NR software for High ISO on R5

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Re: I Tried a "shootout" with DXO today

johncal wrote:

Karl_Guttag wrote:

I kept hearing about DXO Deep Prime on this forum so I decided to give it a try. I have no experience with it. I pretty much just let it correct for the lens, do the "Deep Prime," improve saturation and despeckle. I followed with Photoshop's Dehaze (maybe there is something like it in DXO, but I knew how to use it in PS).

Below is the on the left is the original image out of DPP4, which frankly was pretty close to how it looked to my eye. The Balloon was far away. This was shot with an RP + 100-400 with a Kenko 2X teleconverter for a total of 800mm. Each crop is only about 950 pixels wide out of 6240 pixels in the RP . The balloon needless to say was far away (I'm guessing about 1 to 2 miles).

I spent less time on the DXO image (pretty much let it do its thing). I was amazed at how great a job it did. I spent less time on it than the all-in-PS image on the right. You will need to see it at 100% to see.

The only thing that seems worse on the DXO image is that there is some purple fringing around the basket on the bottom. I'm not sure of the cause or if this can be fixed.

By belief is the DXO Deep Prime is by far the best. It does everything you need t do to properly "Process" your image. Once done with that, move to P/S to make any physical changes you want or to do virtual spotting and dodging and other things that only P/S can do. It is the only way I do my images and the only way I plan to do my images. I find it makes my RF800 lens way more usable.

Considering that the new DXO 4 is superior not just in NR to Photoshop but also sharpening and their "ClearView" which totally overtakes PS's dehaze. I stick to and IN DXO for all the processing. No need to go elsewhere as it's all in house.

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