Just got my r5, LOVE IT. Bought it for general purpose, may end up being my wildlife camera as well.

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Re: Just got my r5, LOVE I

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I am a wildlife and landscape guy. I just sold off my Sony's for R5's. They pretty much do everything the Sony's did, but just a little better1 Enjoy!

So what do you think is better and what Sony are you comparing it to. I shot Canon for 25 years with until my recent EOS R and EOS R5 the last Canon was 5D Mark IV. Have been shooting Sony as well for the last six years so now that I am comparing my new EOS R5 to Sony I am wondering what is really better. Only had the R5 for a week. So I am trying to figure out the real differences and interested in what others think.

When compared to the A9, I think the improvements are noticeable for wildlife shooters. First and foremost is obviously the resolution. The eye AF is significantly better (but not perfect). I do think the A9 was a little more consistent in overall AF performance, but that's a thin margin... but noticeable. The ergos are mixed, IMO. Somethings are better on the A9, but most are better on the R5. The mechanical shutter on the A9 is anemic compared to the R5 (this is not an issue on the A9 II).

I could go on an on, but more than anything, the improvements have to be taken in context. Your specific use case plays a massive part in your perception. Someone who shoots portraits will completely look past the strengths of this camera and feel like its not a big deal. Even though they know the specs are better. But more than anything, the ability to combine two cameras in to one, is extremely liberating. Even though I wasn't shooting Sonys, the need to decide between speed and resolution was debilitating (if owning and choosing between two similar cameras can be considered an issue). I always found I wanted the other at some point during the outing. The R5 removes that issue, or equally, removes the need to buy a second specialist body. It is truly a Jack of all trades, and very oddly... it IS a master of some of those as well.

Agree with some points for sure. For Sony after selling my older a7RIII this past week I still have the A7RIV and the original A9. So as I start my comparison I will have to figure out if I really want a "tweaner", i.e a camera between the A9 and A7RIV, more specialized body like the A9 II to go along with the A7RIV. Who know what the new A9III or A9s (not sure what it will be called).

Lenses do factor in some what but the key deciding what I would switch up. Not sure if the RF 100-500 is the right replacement for my FE 100-400/4.5-5.6 GM and FE 200-600/5.6-6.3 G. The Canon EF 100-400 was very nice (used to own it) but when I compared it on the 5D Mark IV to the Sony FE 100-400 on the A7RIII (without AA filter) that combo was better. Now I wonder how well the EF 100-400 performs on the R5. Also wonder how good the 100-500 is. May just have to try and rent it since I am not convinced I want to go out and try to find one to evaluate locally.

Ergo wise I admit for me the flip out screen is less than ideal especially working with an L bracket- On a Tripod in portrait mode the flip-out screen has no use IMHO. The touch functionality is nice though but for me not a must have. The newest A7RIV/A9II bodies are very nice IMHO.

Well we will see. Knowing me I will want to keep a foot in both camps.

I whole heartedly believe the A9 III/s will be the camera to have if the resolution is in the same neighborhood as the R5, but I'm ok with that. The R5 was punching above its weight class in that fight. The only thing is, I feel like it will be in its own class for a while to come, as the R1 picks up the mantle and goes head to head with the A9. Unfortunately, there's no way Canon gets in that resolution battle on the flagship model, so the A9 III/s is destine to have an advantage for wildlife shooters.

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