How to use new SSD and HDD drives most effectively

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Re: How to use new SSD and HDD drives most effectively

21tones wrote:

Thankyou for your further comments.

As a nontechy person I will have to do some reading up here!

It would seem that my email is IMAP as deleting email on my phone also deleted it from my computer after refreshing it.

Already using IMAP .... excellent. You don't have to worry about cluttering your hard drive with a bunch of emails.

Regarding using File Explorer's Quick Access (QA), it's so easy.
When you have the folder you want showing in File Explorer, just right click it and then click Pin to quick access. A link to that folder will appear in the QA list.

Using my MS Office example that I listed in a previous post, here's the difference:

Without QA:
Open File Explorer > Click "This PC" in left pane > click D: drive in right pane > click Microsoft Office > click Winword.

Using QA:
Open File Explorer > click Winword.

Without quick access, it takes 4 clicks to open the Winword folder on the D drive (which includes scanning the list of folders each time to find the one to click).

With quick access, it takes one click (with no need to scan lists of folders).

When you want to save a file from any program, the save dialog will show File Explorer. Just click the commonly used folder that you previously pinned in QA and you're there.

When you first use quick access, the default is to show folders in the C drive. Since you won't be saving data to the C drive anymore, just delete those C drive folders to clear the clutter. Just right click the unwanted folder and click "Unpin from quick access". No harm since you can always re-pin the deleted folders if desired.

Finally, for a very often used folder (Winword for me), pin a link to it on the Windows task bar. Then when you want to browse the Winword folder for a file, you can just open it instantly without even opening File Explorer. (When you want to save a file, the save dialog will show the QA to the Winword or other commonly used folder).

All of these tips save having to navigate to the D: drive and beyond.


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