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LenRivers wrote:

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LenRivers wrote:

all you have to do with the standard Q2 is set monochrome mode and you can shoot in black and white.

But again, that's the point. On the Q2M the RAW Is B/W. You have to make it work, there's no other choice. Either you got it or you didn't.


you should not have to make anything just work again if one is gunho about something that is a personal choice

Nobody is disputing this is a personal choice.  We are talking about what that personal choice entails if you go for a Q2M.

Plus if you have the money to burn why not

If you shoot raw only it will preview in color and you decide to stay in color or make the final conversion to b&w

depends like I’ve said if you want to always see things in black and white sure. But sometimes color is so much better. For example I want to see a sunrise or sunset with all the colors

That's only if you care about color. Which is why I qualified my recommendation if you really want to go all B&W.

You can still care about both, my Q2M is used alongside my Canon 5d mkiv.

I do that as well, but as soon as I see my usage slows a lot or my needs change I sell the camera gear used it represents $100 bills that need to come back

I always sleep on the impulse to be sure as much as I can

This is always a good idea

I want to see colorful flowers etc

sure for certain artistic stuff it works. It’s all personal style

Oh definitively it's personal. Just pointing out one advantage I see of the Q2M is the fact that even when you are between a rock and a hard place- B&W is all you have and you have to make it work. That extra "do or die" kind of constraint can push you to a new level of skill.

But again- if you care about B&W only.

I agree, this is why I bought one, it’s a whole different ball game.

not really a different thing at all in all my years no one will be critical of what they do or spend even if it is GAS it would mean they are wasting money However if one thinks it’s the best money they spent then it is

We aren't talking about GAS here. Sure, if you are buying because it's new, shiny and different then that's GAS.  But we are talking about forcing oneself to go all B&W and if that's the kind of photog style you want to go with.

It doesn't change the constraints you are imposing of yourself to go this route, and will force you to do things differently even when you think you can't.  Because there's no other option.

if one holds on to gear cause they truly enjoy and use it it’s the right decision

And to be clear again- yes, this is a personal choice.

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