G7 X II - Camera can't find firmware on SD Card

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Re: G7 X II - Camera can't find firmware on SD Card

Shorthand wrote:

We recently bought a used G7 X II to upgrade from our old RX100 Mk1 ... I'm trying to update the firmware, and I have copied the firmware file to the root of the SD card (both an older 1.0.1 firmware ... at various times) ... and I cannot get the firmware update menu to come up per the PDF instructions ... instead I just get the normal "review" menu.

Suggestions? Additional troubleshooting steps?

How did you copy the firmware file to the card? If you are using a Mac, there's an issue  sometimes encountered by people trying to install CHDK that can prevent the update from being seen https://chdk.fandom.com/wiki/FAQ/Mac#You_may_have_issues_with_permissions.

While that FAQ entry refers to CHDK, the same issue would be expected to affect a real firmware update.

Other notes:

The update is a file ending with a .FI2 extension. If you got it as a zip or something like that, it needs to be unpacked.

The "firm update" item appears as the last item in the menu, which usually isn't visible without scrolling down. Sometimes people don't realize that menu scrolls.

The card lock shouldn't affect using the update one way or the other.

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