Not so bulky FTZ adapter?

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Re: Some Examples

Dan DeLion wrote:

bmoag wrote:

The FTZ is a one size fits some adapter and does not fully adapt many Nikon lenses that would all function as they ought with Nikon full frame optical dSLRs. Not to mention late model F mount autofocus lenses from non-Nikon vendors.

The very definition of a "kludge."

As Tamron and Sigma are not marketing lenses in Z mounts there seems zero chance anyone would make a better than FTZ adapter, particularly Nikon.

bmoag - Would you happen to have 5 or 10 examples of the "many" Nikon lenses that don't function fully with the FTZ. We all know about screw drive lenses not having AF on the FTZ adaptor. I'm asking about high quality Nikkors, not third party lenses. The reason I'm asking is that I've had no problems with the 30 or so Nikkors that I own. So, it would be good to know which Nikkors to stay away from.

You should probably qualify that further by amending the comment to "high quality AF Nikkors".

In addition to AF-D lenses, the Nikon FTZ adapter does not "fully support" any lens that doesn't contain electrical contacts (chipped).  That leaves out a wide range of high quality manual focus lenses.  What doesn't work?  No EXIF data in the file, no aperture data in the viewfinder either.  I have no idea why Nikon decided to leave out the aperture tab on the adapter.

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