Not so bulky FTZ adapter?

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Re: Not so bulky FTZ adapter?

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I still use 2-3 F mount lenses on my Z , and I don't want to change them due to seldom use and good IQ.

What is a little bit annoying, is the bulky FTZ adapter. I understand, that a certain size is needed to compensate the difference between the F mount and Z mount, but I do not need the bulky tripod connection on the FTZ. Is there a good adapter from F to Z mount that is smaller or lighter than the FTZ?

Throw a base plate onto your camera like the one from smallrig. You'll never think about the FTZ "bulk" again.

Why? Because he's now complaining about the SmallRig bulk? Is your response tongue-in-cheek?

No, I am being serious. In my case, I didn't like the additional asymmetrical bulk specifically from the bottom of the adapter, preventing the camera from sitting flush (and messing with the tripod compatibility in those cases). If the camera was slightly taller, we wouldn't have this issue. So there are several plates that can add a few mm to the camera and sort of blend out the bulkiness of the adapter that I personally only notice due to its asymmetry. It's not going to work for everyone, but it does for many people I've talked to, a few of which are in that link I posted earlier.

More on this topic at this link as well:

The smallrig is one of the larger ones, but there are others and some are much smaller. Examples of more options are the RRS and the Nikon one.

To each their own.  I don't like the extra protrusion of the FTZ tripod adapter.  And I wouldn't want that SmallRig plate on my camera all the time either.  With or without the FTZ.

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