What do you do with your photos?

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Re: What do you do with your photos?

Rob J wrote:

Over the many years that I have been behind a camera lens I've accumulated a fairly large portfolio of what I consider to be good photographs. Mostly they just sit gathering dust on my hard drives. Occasionally I'll print one but it's no good having a pile of prints lying around. There is only so much wall space, so not many get hung for display.

I used to enter photos in gallery shows and have had several in past shows, but galleries are not open for public shows much these days. Hopefully that will return soon. I miss art galleries, not only for showing but also for seeing work by other artists and photographers in a gallery setting.

I don't do Instagram or any of the social media sites, for a variety of reasons. I DO have photos on YouTube as well as having a personal website but other than that, no one sees my photos. It sometimes feels pointless but the drive to continue to shoot is still strong and I think I'll always be a photographer whether others see my work or not.

What about you? What do YOU do with your photos?

My latest YouTube "gallery".


I put all my post pictures on my plex server. sometimes print the pictures in a photobook.

Download plex (free).


Install it in your computer.

Tell where your photos are located on your Hard Drive.

Download plex client on you tv (roku, fire stick, etc) and other devices (smartphone, tablet, etc).

You can use web browsers to view your media too.




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