X100V Winter Photowalks

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Re: X100V Winter Photowalks

Hey there, glad to hear it! I'm likely going to continue myself as the TCL really interferes with the flow of the compact camera experience.

The Kastar batteries do drain slightly faster. I haven't done extensive testing but the warning you get when using them is accurate. Maybe 20% less juice, hard to say for sure. If they weren't wildly overpriced I'd replace them with standard Fujifilm batteries for a bit more peace of mind on a multi-day shoot. But a stack of off-brands is so cheap it's hard to justify it.

The EF-X20 is interesting...Not gonna lie, I bought it because it's small, functional and stylish. I also tested the Godox TT350f and it's a much better flash unit. It's cheaper, more powerful, can be bounced while mounted, cycles faster, and ties into a mature flash ecosystem. However, I'm someone who only dabbles in flash. I paid more but size is really important to me.

The EF-X20 is also very simple to operate as it has the same dial-based operation as X cameras so I personally feel it's worth it. However, the onboard flash to the X100V has plenty of power for most situations. If you don't need a lot of reach it's great for portrait fill lighting.

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