M4/3 reliable sports camera?

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Re: M4/3 reliable sports camera? Chain link

Going through the catalog today, here's an example where the E-M1 would have jumped focus and the M1ii does not.

infield guy in front, fence and signage behind, camera stays on runners


ETA And here's where the fencing wins.

TBF the error was probably mine, not getting accurate focus at the beginning of the sequence (it's not continuous with the shot above, but later in the lap). Later in the sequence, focus reacquires the runners.

It's typical of the varied challenges presented by sports and when you're not familiar with the venue, or don't have freedom to roam, you have to find ways to overcome these sketchy conditions.



p.s. This was the kid's final and only track meet of 2020 and proved to be her last HS sporting event. Some season.

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