BenQ SW271 - Can I calibrate this monitor using displayCAL?

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Re: BenQ SW271 - Can I calibrate this monitor using displayCAL?

Novelectro wrote:

Hi All

I just purchased a used SW271 and was wondering if it is OK to calibrate it using displayCAL and my colormunki display colorimeter? I saw that BenQ's preferred software is Palette Master Element but that it doesn't support the colormunki.

I'm trying to figure out if the calibration I've just done with my setup is sufficient or if I really need to buy a whole new colorimeter for this? Any help would be appreciated!

I'm afraid you really do want to get a colorimeter that Palette Master Elements supports to get the best calibration.

If you use DisplayCal, then it will calibrate the monitor by generating 1D LUTs (Look Up Tables) that get loaded each bootup into the video card LUTs.  The SW271 and other more up-market monitors have 3D LUTs built in to the monitor.  This is better: more accurate calibration, and the ability to calibrate the colour space, which means you can set the monitor to emulate various colour spaces such as Adobe RGB or sRGB (provided the emulated space is within the native space of the monitor, which is why all such monitors are wide gamut).

If you calibrate by using LUTs in the video card, you can calibrate only the TRC (Tone Response curve, typically a gamma curve) and white point, not the colour space.  That way, the colour space of the monitor is always its native colour space, and you can't alter it.

Palette Master is a rather manky programme,  but it does work, and it's the only way to calibrate the internal LUTs in a Benq monitor.  Likewise, you have to use the proprietary calibration software for any other monitor with hardware LUTs (e.g. you have to use Eizo's Colornavigator for one of their monitors).

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