Best NR software for High ISO on R5

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Re: Best NR software for High ISO on R5

R2D2 wrote:

So even though DPP is slow as mud, I've stuck with it for the output.

No RAW is truly RAW of course, and Canon has been baking in more NR into its default RAW files as of late, and IMHO DPP has always given me the output I'm happy with. I've worked with a number of other RAW converters in the past (and still have licenses for several), but have not tried them with the R5 files yet.

So after shooting some RAW images on my R5 for the first time and processing them, what I feel I found was that while I overall prefer to work in the new DXO 4 for quick results, if I have a critical shot I need to squeeze the very BEST results out of, there is NO question that the DPP has the advantage.

What I noted was that not only is the noise reduction in RAW in DPP best at delivering the least detail destruction, but the sharpening is notably superior in that it allows better fine detail without looking TOO crispy. The dynamic range is well restored and taking one's time you can achieve the best overall balance of exposure characteristics. But man oh man we're talking slowwwww. Ok well once you've made a change it might take about 4-5 seconds which compared to "immediate" seems like a lifetime. But so far that is my results I've been getting. I'll tend to stick with the DXO 4 for the most part. One click of the white balance brush and voila' BAM you have a GREAT image color balance. Pretty impressive I must say

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