Best NR software for High ISO on R5

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Re: Best NR software for High ISO on R5

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I like Topaz DeNoise AI.


Would you mind sharing your workflow with topaz denoise AI? I’m trying not decide where is the best place to do the NR, at the beginning or end or somewhere in the middle??? Do you use denoise for sharpening as well?


Thanks for sharing your workflow R2.

I don’t set any NR or sharpening in-camera. I open my RAWs in DPP and get the major adjustments as close as possible (no NR or sharpening tho). DLO if needed. Convert to 16-bit TIFFs.

If I recall correctly, you use DPP rather than LR/ACR because you prefer the color profiles. Is that it or are there other significant things that you prefer in DPP?

I'm generally not a big-volume shooter any longer (only shoot the occasional event now), and even though I'll often shoot 1000+ frames when birding, most of those get whittled down to maybe 100 or so that I might process further.  So even though DPP is slow as mud, I've stuck with it for the output.

No RAW is truly RAW of course, and Canon has been baking in more NR into its default RAW files as of late, and IMHO DPP has always given me the output I'm happy with.  I've worked with a number of other RAW converters in the past (and still have licenses for several), but have not tried them with the R5 files yet.

There is one thing that may force me to consider different software with the R5 though, and that's the R5's new default tone curve, which in DPP favors corrections to the deeper darks vs the upper highlights.  It seems that there's much less room between neutral grey and total saturation of the highlights than typical in the past.  This makes it critical that one doesn't blow out the whites (even moreso than with other bodies IME), and some of my favorite targets are Bald Eagles, Snowy Owls, and Ospreys!

So if someone has found better results with different tone curves, or alternate software I'm all ears. 

Open in Photoshop and finish editing. Save as a PSD “master.” Then apply NR (ie Topaz DeNoise), but vary opacity. The key to a good balance between NR and detail retention is to apply NR selectively (ie via layer masking or even History Brush, etc).

After trying all the products suggested here, I still think that masking layers is necessary with higher ISOs.

+1 Definitely critical.

Maybe I haven't figured it out yet, but DXO PL4 Deep Prime is not getting the noise out of the background for me without reducing sharpness in the subject with underexposed backgrounds in ISO 6400 images from the R5.

Thanks very much for sharing your experiences.  (Continued) masking it is!


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