Wide landscape & astro: Z 14-24, or combo of Z 14-30 and prime for astro?

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Re: Wide landscape & astro: Z 14-24, or combo of Z 14-30 and prime for astro?

BasilG wrote:

PLShutterbug wrote:

You will seldom use the 14-24 at 2.8 other than astro, so its weight and size are a waste most of the time. Better get two lenses each that will do a great job at their purpose, and at a lower cost. Right now the 14-30/20 combo is $2,050; the 14-24 is $2,400.

Regarding weight - I know it's old news for some, but in 14-XX mm land, the f/2.8 is only about 170 g (30% or so) heavier than the f/4.

Yes I consider that an amazing and unexpected spec for the new UWA member of the three kings!  Its lower weight/compact size and its filter abilities makes it a much more attractive purchase for Z-system users than it's F-mount predecessor.  The 14-24 should sell well over the long term.

I expect after things "settle down" in the Z-system, the design teams have many ideas for ultra-wide angle and wide-angles to come:

  • UWA zooms that start wider (e.g. 10-18, 11-24 f/4, 12-24 f/2.8)
  • The sharpest 17-35 f/2.8 in the industry
  • Fast UWA primes (14mm f/1.8, etc.)
  • Fast WA primes (f/1.4 and possibly f/1.2?)
  • Slow/compact primes and zooms.  A fuller complement of slow primes that are quite decent optically and attractive for travel, street, DX-users, etc. 
  • It's easy to be impatient but I expect more great choices in Z-mount than we ever had in F-mount
  • Next big task is get the Z8 and Z9 released as those two body lines will generate a lot of lens sales for Nikon over the long haul!
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