Z7 or not?

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Resolution not the only thing that matters...

So first, since you are talking about printing big then it is certainly sensible to just go for the Z7 over the Z6.  Also since you don't care about speed probably save some money and get the Z7 instead of the Z7II.  Perhaps same a bit more getting a used or refurbed Z7.

That said, just because cameras have the same resolution doesn't mean you can print to the same size with them.  Noise is magnified by enlargement as well and masks detail.  For landscapes where we usually can and should shoot at base ISO the amount of photon shot noise at base ISO also matters quite a bit.  And keep in mind this is noise in the mid-tones - not any sort of noise from pushing shadows a lot.

As an example here are crops of the same scene shot with the same sensor just with different exposures and adjusted to match in post (thus equivalent to a difference in base ISO noise):

Which is going to enlarge better?

So with that in mind even the Z6 will still allow for more enlargement than your D7200 since the Z6 has about 1.3 stops better mid-tone noise at base ISO than the D7200.

All that said, still I'd recommend the Z7 is worth it once you are talking about printing quite large.   And the Z7 has even slightly better base ISO noise than the Z6 does.

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