Fuji has a gaping hole in its camera lineup!

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Fuji has a gaping hole in its camera lineup!

This is only my opinion and my shooting needs - so don't get cranky with me if you disagree. I have two X-H1's with a 16-55 'glued' on one and a 90mm F2 'strapped' on the other. These two lenses meet ALL my optical needs. I shoot street/travel/events and this setup is great. I only have one major issue and I'm going around in circles at the moment finding a solution. I've come to the conclusion that with Fuji's current lineup - there is none.

In bright outdoors and events, and in a crowds (fast moving action), my 90mm often has problems latching onto the face or person I'm trying to grab. It will then miss the focus and go back and forth to either extreme of the focus range. I've sent my 90mm to Fuji for service, changed all the different focus settings (AFC, AFC, tracking modes, face detect) - nothing changes. I'm missing shots that I cannot put up online or load for sale to clients.

The new firmware on the T3 would be great, but I need IBIS on that 90mm.  After watching Tony Northrup (X-T4 'disappointing camera for 2020'), Matt Granger, the bloke with the frizzy hair, The Vege Police, Hugh from Three Blind Men and Kai Wong - they all can't be wrong.  "....The X-T4 is a great camera with the wrong screen". Even Tony on his talk about the worst camera for 2020, said "....I would have preferred a flip out screen - this screen just gets in the way" - or words to that effect. I hired the T4 for a week and found the same thing. I shoot zero video and shoot 84% from the hip - that screen for me was unusable.

Finally that new X-S10 seems a dumbed down version of an X-T4 with no WR. After my H-1's that reek of quality, the X-S10 wouldn't last long and not suit my needs (beyond dusty places I go to in Asia).

My Solution. I really only have two possibilities. 1. Wait and hope that Fuji come out with a H2 soon - then hope it only has a flip out screen. 2. Jump ship and get one of the Nikon's new Z cameras - they look great. However, here in Australia they are 'off the planet' expensive. The Z6ii with the 24-70 2.8 is over $7,000 AUD. I need two bodies with lenses so there is well over 13K - oh boy.

Sorry this is too long, I'm just putting it out there, the hole I'm stuck in with Fuji and I want to hear back from anybody who is in the same spot as me.



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