Nikon and their binoculars.

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Nikon no longer sold at COSTCO

My apology for attempted hijacking of the forum.
I have been using Nikon camera & lenses since 1962.  The apparent financial problems of Nikon Camera Company is not going to scare me away from Nikon.  If Nikon folded,  I know my Nikon cameras and lenses will continue to work and would more than likely outlived me.
Looks like Nikon Kogaku KK will not last 100 years?
The following is my recollection of the history of Nikon I read in 1960.
Nikon Optical was founded sometime in 1908,  had been supplying Binocular to the Japanese Imperial Navy and was the original lens supplier to Kwanon (Canon) until 1948.  In 1948,  Nikon enter the camera manufacturing business. Their initial camera was a 35mm rangefinder which was practically a knock-off of Leica. 
In the early 1950s,  Nikon offered FREE camera service / repair to News Photographers covering the Korean war,  in the process, provided Nikon camera loaners.  The photo-journalist was impressed by the performance, reliability and handling of Nikon that they bought Nikon for their personal camera.
COSTCO's dropping off Nikon from their offering maybe an indicator of Nikon's financial problems.

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