Epson P900 - New Print Quality Settings

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Re: Epson P900 - New Print Quality Settings (P700 too)

Thanks, that's interesting. I wish there was a way in software to see a preview of black enhance overcoat beforehand. It's guesswork as it is due to SOME images that are shadow-heavy working well with that feature & others you'd think would be OK are not at all. So yes one needs to be case-by-case on this.

So I'm wondering what scenarios would best benefit from the use of that feature. For example, if there are various areas of dark or black in a scene but they are contained & not overwhelming the image, that is, they are not the bulk of the image, then perhaps that would be a good candidate for black enhance. That way the whole image won't get dark as you rightly point out.

However, in a b/w image that has dark silhouette forms in it, that may indeed form much of the image, perhaps it would benefit from a richer black. But this is just me thinking aloud & my P906 is so new I still haven't had a chance to try these possibilities yet. I'll be interested to read of actual experiments people I'm sure will write about here.

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