How well does Fuji's Raw File Converter work compared to third party?

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Re: How well does Fuji's Raw File Converter work compared to third party?

I think the free Silkypix raw developer works quite well.

Mostly I use Iridient X-Transformer to process my Fuji raws, but Silkypix is a close second. I also have Photoshop Elements 2020 which has a cut-down version of Adobe Camera Raw (ACR). Actually, ACR isn't too bad either.

Demosaicing sharpness is a particularly useful function, and allows some control of the degree of worminess that might be seen in distant foliage:

Opteka 28mm F2.8 lens on X-T3. Distant foliage at 100% with demosaicing sharpness adjustment window visible. To get to it, click the yellow gears on the left (they won't be yellow until you click them). If you set it to 100, the foliage can get a little wormy but it depends on the content of your image. In this foliage, edge blur increases slightly as you move from right to left, since this tree is left of center in the whole image (a normal issue with this lens).

View of complete image, and Silkypix version information. Distant foliage seen above is a very small part of the whole image, as you can see.

Note if you use the DPR viewer by clicking any image, the 100% view is not great.  To see best you have to download the JPG and view it on your computer at 100%.

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