How well does Fuji's Raw File Converter work compared to third party?

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Re: How well does Fuji's Raw File Converter work compared to third party?

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They all work. The current iteration of Adobe works OK, though it needs different sharpening settings from those used for other raw files I am told. I've not tried Adobe.

Capture One is good, works well and is easy to use as a batch converter to TIF if you want to work with another image editor. Affinity works well except when altering highlights and shadows a lot, when I find it produces an unpleasing result. All its image editing features work well, but I don't use it to convert raws. RawTherapee is said to be very good, but I've just failed (again!) to get to grips with its user interface. People say it is very good. Silkypix works OK but I didn't care for it's UI. One of the things I wanted was easy to use batch conversion for panorama stitching and I find Capture One easy and intuitive.

With the exception of Affinity's big highlight and shadow adjustments and Adobe needing very different settings, provided you avoid these, you won't see a huge difference, it is down to the UI, which you can try out.

Fuji have some software that allows you to plug in your camera to your computer and use the in camera hardware to convert RAWs. I've not tried it.


Capture One

Just rough and ready; only highlights and shadows changed, colours become muted in Affinity. OTOH Affinity has left the skyline without the odd emphasis C1 has given it.

Now to waste another morning on RawTherapee!

I do like the image processed with Capture One better. I think it also has less distortion.

You mean geometric distortion? If I were you, I would download and learn the free version of Capture One, and be happy. The Affinity image above has muddy colors. For comparison:

GIMP edit of Affinity image: Auto WB, increase cyan saturation

Best, by far! User skills seem an important variable. Obviously, yours are high. 👍

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