D-850 replacement wishes

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Hugh Barstead Regular Member • Posts: 119
Re: D-850 replacement wishes

Improved AF tuning is what I would like the most. With 3rd party lenses being offered with docks and allowing fine tuning at different focal lengths (zooms), the Nikon system looks weak. Fortunately with Nikon lenses I find it seldom necessary. Still ...

9 FPS, 10 FPS, not much difference and they’re not going to make it 15 FPS. D850 can already shoot at 30 FPS but in 8MP only. Maybe there is room for some improvement in the electronic shutter for fast FPS at a higher resolution.

Advertised MTBF actuations of the shutter figure is lower than some of the competition. Since we’re likely to have to wait a while for the next replacement, some increased shutter life would inspire confidence.

Other than that don’t mess with a good thing.

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