Can't decide RX100VII vs X100v. Please help.

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robgendreau Veteran Member • Posts: 7,953
Re: Can't decide RX100VII vs X100v. Please help.

You might wanna consider an M43. Something like a Pen F, GX85, E-PL9, etc.

I've got a E-PL8 that I use with an attachable VF outside, but without that and say the Panny 20mm I have it can fit in a coat pocket. A bit bigger with the pancake kit lens, but can still fit. And sometimes I just put on a longer lens and carry it round the neck. Point being, not too much bigger than the others, bigger sensor than the Sony, lots of lenses, including long ones if you can forego putting it in a pocket.

Oh, and often less expensive. Even new.

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