The Power of Zoom: Basketball at 24mm...2000mm...4000mm and 8000mm

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Re: The Power of Zoom: Basketball at 24mm...2000mm...4000mm and 8000mm

Avian2016 wrote:

Hey, look at that. Has it been done using the tri/mono/pod?

No Tripod or Monopod used.

I really dislike lugging anything more than my camera's/lenses (in one bag) around.

Or you have the unique ability to have kinda "stone-firm hands"?

Haha. Not really. I use my hands all day as a Machinist, so perhaps a bit more control/steadyness than the average person?

But even if you've used tri/mono/pod, this is really awesome.

Super impressive for digital zoom, me thinks. Better than i.zoom , as I see little to no artifacts. Koodos to Nikon.

Or there is some "trick" behind we other folks don't know yet??

Before I share a camera holding tip  (look for new thread where this will be  included in my ' P950 Tips and Tricks'  thread) , due note that the 4000mm and 8000mm shots were at 1/500th.

When I try  digital zoom shooting the Moon, I get many blurred shots and a few keepers

Those are no faster than around 1/160th

Stay healthy ANAYV.

Same to you and family Avian


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