How to use new SSD and HDD drives most effectively

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Re: How to use new SSD and HDD drives most effectively

21tones wrote:

Thankyou to everyone for your speedy and helpful responses.

I am in the UK and use Virgin Media's email. I don't know whether it is POP or IMAP.

My email indicates I have used 2.68gb of a 25gb quota. Does this imply it is stored on their server? I also access the email on my phone, so I guess it must be?

Sounds like IMAP. Very handy for checking email on mobile devices. If you delete an email on your phone, does it disappear from your main computer? If so, you are using IMAP.

BTW, we often preview emails on iPads, rather than firing up the main email computer. Adds an extra layer of security.

In an article on the ON1 website they indicate that 50,000 photos catalogued at what they call standard size would take up 53gb storage space using a 1920 x 1080 monitor.

50,000 photos using a 4k monitor would take 85gb.

I use 2k so I guess it is somewhere between those figures.

When I asked on1 about backing up to an external drive with a full system backup they said

"Currently the only way to back up, catalogs and cache are to use a full system back up.
This only works for the current system, and would not restore files to a new machine.

Any type of backup, currently, would require a full back up on the existing machine, and does not allow for a complete restore to a new computer, due to file differences in the (GUID)"

Sounds to me like you need to consider a better photo program.

I didn't ask them about restoring to a new computer, but back to the existing one e.g. if it got a virus and the C drive needed to be wiped.

As I say I just don't understand this.

I won't respond to anything else tonight as my wife wants me to do some jobs now!

But I will tomorrow if anyone makes any further comments.

Don't worry about "clutter" on SSDs and HDDs; they are designed to handle this.

Don't consider partitioning your drives for an instant. Use folders.

Some of the earlier advice on file management when using MS-Word etc. was very amateurish. I suggest browsing your data folders and opening files as required.

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