How to use new SSD and HDD drives most effectively

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Re: How to use new SSD and HDD drives most effectively

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The write speed of a mechanical drive is technically slower than an SSD but unless the file size is more than a few hundred mbs differences in write times are not perceptibly different compared to SSDs. Reading from a mechanical drive can be perceptibly slower, though not onerously so, for average sized files because of the longer random seek time.

One additional item for consideration in this regard is how Windows “sleeps” or “turns off” hard drives. It’s my understanding that there is only a single global setting for this that applies to all hard drives.

I don’t believe this is likely to be a concern for a system that only has an internal SSD plus an internal mechanical drive. It could, however, be something to think about for a system that also has an external mechanical drive persistently connected. In that situation you may very well want the external drive to spin down after X minutes of inactivity. If you configure that, your internal mechanical drive will also spin down after the same amount of idle time. That can lead to noticeable and potentially annoying delays when accessing data on the internal mechanical drive.

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