why Bird Ai is for me...

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Paul Auclair
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why Bird Ai is for me...

a tool is a tool and cameras and software/apps are tools...more useful to some than others.

Bird Ai is a welcome tool and works well for me because...

In the past few years of shooting birds I seemed to have gravitated to the littlest of birds.

What I have experienced with these chickadees, juncos, warblers, kinglets, nuthatches, sparrows, etc.,etc.. is this...

the little birds generally move from point A to point B.

point A- is their safe spot (generally heavily obscured by foliage and/or out of camera range)...where they return to rest, eat and/or stash their food.

point B- is where they are foraging or where a known food source is.

when I am positioned close to point B...the birds add a stop "point A.1" to their course.

point A.1- is where I (and most other birders?) prefer to try and get "the shot" as it's the best opportunity to get the shot.

point A.1 -is the point which the birds use to stop and check me out and i guess determine whether I am a threat or not. from point A.1 they will proceed to point B or back to point A.

so...a typical scenario and how it relates to the usefulness of Bird Ai.

bird arrives at point A.1, it lands on a branch with it's head/eye in the left part of the frame....

what do I do?

i can move AF point over to the left a few squares to cover the head/eye....but often in the time that takes the bird has turned 180 and is now facing the direction of point B in preparation of departing point A.1 for point B (or back to point A).

so, the bird's head/eye is now in the right part of the frame and I haven't even snapped a quick picture.

i can move the AF point all the way to the right but in most cases the bird has left to point B by then. one last quick glance at me and...gone!!! skunked!!!

so...i can learn that I often don't have time to chase the birds head/eye with the AF points and just keep the AF centered. thus I bulls-eye the bird's head/eye and fix/crop later.

i can get faster/better reflexes...hasn't seemed to happen yet

i can pre-focus on an area (one of the hundreds around) and hope a bird arrives at that particular spot.

i can try to nzmacro the bird (manual focus) (not happening).

i can keep the AF point centered on one side of the frame (or the other) and increase my chances by 50% (birds that arrive at point A.1 with their head/eye occupying the same part of the frame which my AF point is residing)

i can shoot wider or further away...giving me less fine details.

OR...i can use Bird Ai...

I simply frame the bird any which way it has arrived to point A.1 no matter or concern to how it's sitting or which direction it is facing...and press the shutter....bam! done! easy....

game over!!! I win!!!

higher keeper/take home rate and fun and easy.

Thank You Olympus.

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as always,
thank you fellow DPR members for your kind words and encouragement.

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