How to use new SSD and HDD drives most effectively

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Re: How to use new SSD and HDD drives most effectively

It is indeed possible to move or backup the catalog as it is a file stored on a drive and as such can be copied or moved. The OP might contact On1 again.

The write speed of a mechanical drive is technically slower than an SSD but unless the file size is more than a few hundred mbs differences in write times are not perceptibly different compared to SSDs. Reading from a mechanical drive can be perceptibly slower, though not onerously so, for average sized files because of the longer random seek time. Moving large amounts of data on or off any mechanical drive can seem tortuous compared to SSD.

Bottom line: for most users mechanical storage does not impose an awful real world penalty for reading and writing image files but, if price is not an issue, solid state storage is preferable. The prices of "fast" mechanical drives larger than 2tb has ballooned to the point where they are not necessarily cost effective for many users.

The other issue with mechanical drives is that the old distinction of platter speed indicting the drive is "faster" no longer holds true. The method used to access the platters can make a 7200 RPM drive crawl even slower when large file transfers are involved.

Outside of copying massive files from one drive to another there is no real world benefit to using nvme, gen 3 or 4, to anybody compared to standard SSDs or SSD speed m2 drives. Boot times may be a few seconds faster with nvme than with standard SSD speed drives. May but often are not.

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