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Re: Focal Reducers

Dennis Bayer wrote:

Can anybody suggest the best focal reducers to use on an a6500 or similar Sony in order to use Nikkor ais lenses.

Metabones are always top quality; the lens turbo II is also quite good.

I see them mentioned a few times on this thread and it got me interested.

I enjoy these old Nikkor manual focus lenses and have been considering a FF camera, but maybe a focal reducer would be as good.

It's not as good, but it does offer flexibility in that you can use the same lens with a reducer or with a dumb adapter. Full frame you can crop to APS-C, but unless you have an A7RIV, you have lower pixel density than you'd get out of a 24MP APS-C sensor camera.  Arguably, 42MP FF is close enough, but 24MP FF is only 10MP APS-C crop.

Preferably, I'd like a camera with a better evf for magnified focus. I find focus peaking to be more or les a gimmick, that I only use occasionally to get me in the ballpark before magnifying.

There's a learning curve to focus peaking.

Most people think "peaked" == "in focus" but it does NOT mean that. Thinking it does will only give approximate focus. Peaking simply highlights any edges that have at least the set threshold of contrast. Thus, in effect, peaking is showing something closer to the depth of field for scene content that contains distinct edges. In other words, the point of focus is in the logical middle of the peaked DoF range. Now the tricky part. The logical middle is logarithmic in distance. In other words, the middle is actually somewhat closer than the average distance peaked. Once you train yourself to note the range of distances peaked, it's really easy and fast to know the precise focus distance... even if there aren't any distinct edges to peak at that distance!

Of course, using peaking while using live view magnification allows even more precise focus.

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