M4/3 reliable sports camera?

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Re: M4/3 reliable sports camera? Chain link

Barry Stewart wrote:

Skeeterbytes wrote:

Chainlink with slats inserted gets my vote as "favorite" AF distraction. Hate the stuff. Also, cars parked nearby when there's no fencing. "Hey, nice grill." Should I mention the net? AF loves the net.

Some time ago, I wrote a post on how I'd like to be able to tell my camera: "If you EVER see chain link fence, car grilles, or goal netting, DO NOT even THINK of AF-ing on it" or "Only focus on the

The idea didn't get much love, with most responses leaning toward, "Suck it up and don't blame your camera."

My thinking is that camera automation is designed to make our photography better — but when it comes to chain link, grilles and netting: Oly cameras actually make the photography worse. The "intelligent subject detection" that was injected into the E-M1X gave me hope that my dream will one day be fulfilled... though perhaps not by Olympus and its new owner.

Hi Barry,

AI lends credibility to the possibility through what my professional nerd brother calls SMOP--simple matter of programming. I should think it's plausible and inherently attractive for a new M1X sports mode. For that matter, the motorsports mode could benefit since grandstands are sometimes protected by fencing. Foul-ball netting in baseball parks, endzone netting in American football parks, the goal net for soccer, hockey and the like, all present a barrier it would be handy to shoot thorough using AF rather than manually prefocusing.

Chainlink, of course, will pull focus behind the action and the general C-AF function would benefit from a toggle instructing it to ignore the stuff.

I'll grudgingly allow that it happens less than it once did in my C-AF burst sequences.



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