How to use new SSD and HDD drives most effectively

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Re: How to use new SSD and HDD drives most effectively

21tones wrote:

A couple of weeks ago I got great advice on this forum on how best to update my ageing computer. Basically, put in an SSD as C drive and use existing HDD for photo storage.

It's certainly advisable to put the OS (C:) on the SSD, as well as all applications. If it's large enough then you can aprtition it and have a D or whatever on the SSD, too .. a properly cleaned Windows OS does not usually require much more than 120ish GB (can be even much less .. depends on what you do). Stuff that gets used very often also better reside on a fast access drive like the SSDs.

You can still easily clutter up your C: drive .. if nothing is changed by the user, temporary files end up there, your desktop is there, all the default windows folders for data (documents pictures etc) are on C. The standard download directories of browsers go to C if not changed and so on.

And you can use certain tools to clean up some things (like the windows own device clean up ... run it as administrator to get the option to delete  old windows versions if you're happy with what you've got as well) etc

Having read a few threads on this forum the general advice seems to be to put the OS and all programs on C and all data on D.

More or less. See above.

In addition I would be using the computer for web browsing and e-mail.

You might want to use something like CCLeaner to keep your PC clean, wiping browser cache areas and so on. But you should know a bit what you're doing with it, even though it is also made for nontechy people.

I don't want to clutter up the C drive with the inevitable junk that results from this.

Is there any way to have e-mail and internet data go on to the D drive?

You can configure any browser etc do put it's stuff on D. Same for local email storages etc. But you'll need knowledge of those apps config areas or someone to help you.

(Although I don't want to clutter that either!)

I use ON1 software, and with my new drive setup will be, finally, cataloguing all my photos.

No idea, I do not know or use ON1.

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