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iazybandit wrote:

LesT wrote:

Am I wrong to believe the standard picture naming keeps track? Mind you I am just below 10K so dont know what will happen then...

Incorrect. Just because the image has a number system does not mean it is accurate. After 9,999 images, it goes back to 0001. Not to mention there could be other factors that would not keep it accurate either such as switching to video, etc. Not to mention, the naming/numbering of filename can be reformatted back to 0001 and you wouldn't know what the shutter count is.

People look for shutter count to see how many shutter actuations there were. Shutters have a lifespan before it goes bad. They are like miles on a car.

If it was that simple, people wouldn't be making apps, websites or trying to find that holy grail of getting shutter counts.

Lol. Well aware of everything you just said but perhaps you should be asking why camera manufacturers have done away with this then. Well aware of why people want such and the solution is always...don't buy used or get to know just how used the camera was in the first place. Had a 5DMkIV and laughed at all those who asked about the shutter count.

Oh BTW...

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