The Power of Zoom: Basketball at 24mm...2000mm...4000mm and 8000mm

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Re: The Power of Zoom: Basketball at 24mm...2000mm...4000mm and 8000mm

Booted Cat wrote:

Get a P1000, if you really like the power of zoom...

Considered it....but too big .

I bring both my P950 and D7500 with two lenses.

All fit nicely in one camera bag.

P1000 would need its own bag, lol.

I am pretty sure if I bought the P1000 instead of the P950...that thr P1000 would stay home much more often than coming out.

Also I doubt I would be able to handhold the P1000 for shots like these.

VR is better on P950 (Nikons claim) and easier to hold, IMHO.

For me, anyway.

I have a mnemonic for the P1000: "peek 1000 miles" (I mentioned on this forum that there is a figure in Chinese mythology called "千里眼" - one who has the eyes to see 1000 miles far).

Interesting. For sure the P1000 is king of the superzooms.

I do these examples to show the decent digital zoom I.Q.

Most always shooting RAW and 2000mm is plenty ( most times )

Stay healthy


ANAYV wrote:

Can you see it:

24mm. Can you see it? Look in center near edge of water.


That's the end of Optical Zoom for the P950.

Here's 2x digital zoom:


Now at 8000mm( 4x Digital zoom) :

8000mm. Max optical zoom, plus digital zoom. Processed in FastStone Image Viewer before uploading here.

If any more zoom is needed (crazy) then one would have to crop.

One can also crop from 2000mm and get similar results , me thinks.

Nikon seems to deliver better than expected results when using digital zoom.

Hope someone found this interesting

Stay healthy


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